The Heart of robin hood

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Out of the depths of COVID rises yet another SFS high school play!

The Heart of Robin Hood by David Harr is a comedy with an edge that takes the traditional story of Robin Hood and turns it inside out. Robin Hood doesn't allow women into his band of merry "men only" because he feels that women cause too much distraction. This works well for him until he meets Marion and her sidekick clown Pierre who blast their way into his world and his philosophy.

After a month of weekly zoom rehearsals, the cast is now rehearsing in person. They are also taking stage combat lessons virtually through Zoom from an expert in Hawaii as they prepare for all the swashbuckling that the story requires. Set in a medieval period with very modernist messages, The Heart of Robin is a wonderful story worth experiencing that will be performed at Seoul Foreign School the week after spring break. Though audiences will be limited, it will not diminish the spirit of the cast or the production team! With resilience, we rise!


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April 8 - 6:00pm
April 9 - 6:00pm


MPC - Robb Hall Theatre


Performances for this production are only available to enrolled SFS students and SFS Faculty/Staff.
All audience members are required to pre-register using our ticketing platform.

Ticket price: FREE

Ticket type: GENERAL ADMISSION (seating is first-come-first-serve). Only designated seats will be available for seating to maintain social distancing.


Due to the limited quantity of tickets available, we will be collecting a Waitlist in the event that reservations are cancelled and tickets become available. In such a case, we will contact those on the Waitlist in the order that they registered.


Due to the limited quantity of tickets available, if you are unable to attend a performance, please contact the Theatre Office as soon as possible so that your tickets can be returned to the ticket pool.