How to Book a Theatre

Booking a theatre facility is an easy process.  The following theatre facilities require event planners to book using their school-provided Google Calendar:

Lyso Center for the Performing Arts

Edie J. Moon Theatre
Black Box Theatre
Lower Lobby (1F)
Upper Lobby (2F)

Elementary School

Robb Hall Theatre
Robb Hall Lobby

To book a theatre facility, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


If the theatre facility is available on the date/time of the event you are creating, it will be available in the Rooms resource list.  If the theatre facility is not available, it will not appear in the Rooms resource list.

Step 4:

Congratulations, you have booked a theatre facility!

Plans change?

Sometimes things happen and you need to change your plans - we understand!  Making changes to your theatre facility booking is easy.  You can edit the event on your Google Calendar (time changes, date changes, etc.) and the facility calendar will automatically update. 


Do not assume that moving your event guarantees your access to the facility at the new date and time!  If the theatre facility is not available at the new event date and time, it will appear in your event information with a strike-through.  You will also receive an email saying that the Room resource has declined the invitation.

If you need to troubleshoot an event date or time, or have last-minute changes, we are happy to discuss options in person, over the phone, via email or through Google Chat.  Please contact John Black (Theatre Manager) directly. 

Access Guidelines