Tape & Adhesive Policy

Only tapes and adhesives approved by the Theatre Office may be used on walls, floors, stages, or other surfaces in the theatre facilities. Many tapes and adhesives leave behind sticky residue that may remove wall paint or other finishings. The purpose for the Tape & Adhesive Policy is to maintain the appearance of our facilities as best we can.

The Theatre Office stocks approved tapes and we are happy to provide users with supplies when needed.

All tape must be completely removed immediately after your event.

Approved Tapes

Cloth spike tapes

Cloth gaffers tapes

Entertainment glow tapes

Electrical tapes

Banned Tapes

Masking tapes

Duct tapes

Packing tapes

Double-sided Scotch tapes

Not sure about a tape?

Please check with a Theatre Staff member before using any tape not on the approved list.

Glues & other adhesives for securing materials to surfaces
are strictly prohibited.