Work Lights vs Production Lights

All of the theatres are equipped with two lighting systems:

  • The work light system comprises flourescent or LED instruments that are low-cost, energy efficient, and provide a good wash of the stage allowing safe working conditions for rehearsals and general use.

  • The production light system comprises high-wattage theatrical instruments, high-output LED instruments, and automated instruments. The more we update this system to LED sources, the more energy-efficient the system becomes. However, instruments providing the high-output necessary for production lighting, as well as the high-wattage theatrical lamps that we use, are costly.

Our goal is to be good stewards of our lighting systems to ensure that they are functioning properly for assemblies, concerts, drama productions, and other events. As such, we have established the following policy:

Assembly rehearsals in excess of the 3-hour rehearsal time limit, non-blackout performing arts rehearsals, most meetings, and stage construction/load-in/load-out sessions will be conducted using the work light system only.

Please contact the Theatre Manager for considering any exceptions.

The production light system is only accessible through the lighting control system, which must be operated by a theatre staff member or approved student technician with prior knowledge/approval by the Theatre Manager.